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REVA | Instant Age Renewal Wand

5-in-1 skin tightening tool for the ultimate at-home facelift with LED light therapy

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5-in-1 Advanced, Elegant, Effective Anti Aging 

Introducing Reva, expert at home skin tightening in just 10 minutes

BOOST skincare absorption and stimulate skin cells with Revolving Electroporation Pulse (REP) with REP+Yellow, Blue or Red+Yellow LED

PLUMP with the collagen boosting URF (Ultrasonic and Radio Frequency Technology) with Red, Yellow or Blue LED

SCULPT facial muscles with Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) with Blue, Yellow, Red, or Blue+Red LED

Reva combines 5 of the most potent anti-aging technologies on the market, but the cutting-edge design expertly integrates these beauty techniques in a way that has not been seen before. 5 distinct technologies effectively target each skin layer, reaching  beyond the skin to treat muscle for age defying results. The design incorporates x6 24 carat gold plated probes on a carefully arranged treatment head for maximum coverage and conductivity. Revolving electroporation pulse (REP) is an advanced electroporation technique that delivers alternating electrical currents for deep tissue stimulation

Reveal the smoother, sculpted and younger contours of your face with Reva 

REVA | Instant Age Renewal Wand
REVA | Instant Age Renewal Wand Sale price€280,95 EUR






High Performance Facial Sculpting with Reva

Natural Facelift

Facial toning device leaves skin instantly brighter and more lifted

Tighten and Firm

Experience expert at-home-skin tightening while EMS, RF and REP transform the appearance of sagging skin for a gravity defying result

Cellular Rejuvenation

Ultrasound facial therapy heats collagen stores to boost the production of new cells. Thermal energy also accelerates the production of hyaluronic acid, and elastin

Smooth Fine Lines

Targets even deep wrinkles for a smoother and firmer appearance

Deep Tissue Stimulation

EMS provides deep muscle activation to contour and lift the skin for a youthful complexion

Maximize Effectiveness of Skincare Products

Micro-wounds enhance the effectiveness of follow up treatments and help infuse powerful ingredients deep into the skin for ultimate hydration and nourishment

Before and After

Dramatic One Week Transformations

'The Device Truly Works Wonders'


"I love the way it brings a glow to my skin and restores its tone, greatly enhancing the contour of my face."

- Robiya, 42, Australia

'My Skin Appears More Plump and Glowy'


"I had a wonderful experience using this product, and I have recieved lots of comments
on how great my complexion is looking."

- Montanna, 31, Australia

'The Science Behind This is Truly Impressive'


"The REP & URF settings are amazing! I really noticed a difference in my skins texture and my redness improving."

- Golnar, 29, USA

'REVA worked on all aspects!'


"It helped me improve my skin condition from acne, redness, acne scars, to uneven skintone! It is worth it! Will be using it for more time!"

- Perugu, 27, USA

'Skin is more brilliant!'


"I have observed excellent results in several key areas - skin is more brilliant, brighter, and moisturizes faster."

- Ivelys, 37, Italy


Technology Explained: EMS is a powerful skin rejuvenation technology that not only reaches the skin but deep into the muscle to stimulate, sculpt and contour. Mild, painless electrical currents are delivered to the skin to release ATP for full skin renewal. Skin appears more elastic and more youthful

Skin Layer: Dermis and muscle


Technology Explained: REP is a cutting edge skin treatment that uses alternating electrical pulses to deliver intense skin rejuvenation. This technology differs from other electroporation technologies on the market as the revolving pulse offers a unique stimulating massage to powerfully lift and smooth the skin across all layers

Skin Layer: All layers of the skin (epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous layer)


Technology Explained: Ultrasonic waves with a frequency of 3MHz,±5%
lift, tighten and support collagen synthesis. Micro-vibrations penetrate the dermal skin layer to stimulate skin and trigger the production of new collagen stores for firmer and tighter skin. Additionally, ultrasonic waves stimulate blood flow and improves skincare absorption.

Skin Layer: Dermis


Technology Explained: Thermal energy is released into the skin to facilitate the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid elastin, essential skin components for the prevention of aging

Skin Layer: Dermis and subcutaneous layer


Technology Explained: Concentrated light therapy provides an energy source for the skin to trigger healing, repairing and anti aging benefits depending on the LED color

  • Red: Boost collagen, smooth fine lines
  • Blue: Eliminate acne and inflammation
  • Yellow: Soothes damaged skin barrier, promotes lymphatic drainage and brightens

Skin Layer: Dermis

The Unrivaled Power of Reva


5 of the most advanced anti-aging technologies integrated and adapted to deliver a superior and targeted youth-enhancing treatment with no downtime

Revolving Electroporation Pulse (REP)

Is a unique electroporation technique that delivers pulses in an intense alternating method for deep tissue stimulation and massage

Gold Plated Probes

Thoughtfully designed, Reva comes complete with 24k gold
plated probes to ensure energy is conducted powerfully and effectively for superior results. Other products on the market typically use chrome conductor, a false conductivity conductor that is not as durable or effective

Anti Tarnish Technology

6 anti-tarnish gold probes for ultimate performance and durability

Overheating Sensing System

URF and REP modes use thermal energy technology to deliver skin benefits. Reva’s inbuilt sensor prevents overheating by activating heat energy only upon contact with the skin

Tightens and Lifts

Targets Over 40 facial Muscles

Enhances Skincare Absorption

Boosts Elasticity

Fades Dark Spots

Incorporate Reva Into Your Routine

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NEW INREVA | Instant Age Renewal Wand
REVA | Instant Age Renewal Wand

Expert skin tightening

Sale price€280,95 EUR
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Gloa | Face and Body Cleansing Brush

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NEW INREVA | Instant Age Renewal Wand
REVA | Instant Age Renewal Wand

Expert skin tightening

Sale price€280,95 EUR
NEW INLIMITED OFFERGloa | Face and Body Cleansing Brush - Project E Beauty
Gloa | Face and Body Cleansing Brush

Revitalize congested skin

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Customer Reviews

Based on 106 reviews
Zachary Naugle
Wife LOVES it!!

Good price, fast shipping, and was a big hit for my wife.

Feels nice

After a month of use, i feel like my skin tightened up a bit, especially my neck area. I have some fine wrinkles that have smoothed out too

chrissy mimi
Nice on my face and seeing results.

Cool gadget that really works.

Easy to use, quality device

Top quality device is easy to use. Been using 2 months and facial lines seem to be getting less and face is firmer.