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Article: How to Minimize Pores Fast: What Works and Doesn't

How to Minimize Pores Fast: What Works and Doesn't
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How to Minimize Pores Fast: What Works and Doesn't


The more important question is: is it really possible to reduce the size of your pores? It’s not. Genetics decides the size of your pores and they pretty much stay the same size all through your life. Don’t give up on your flawless skin goals just yet, there are many ways to make your pores seem smaller.  

Minimized pores give the skin a smooth, clear, and youthful appearance which everybody wants. It’s possible with makeup and skincare products that promise to “erase” pesky large pores.  

Hate your (large) pores that much? Read on and learn more about the importance of having pores and you might just change your mind about them regardless of size.    

What are pores?


Pores are tiny hair follicle openings that let gases and liquids move through the top layer of the skin. 

How Important Are Pores?

Pores let your skin breathe and serve as entryways for much-needed nutrients from skincare products. These openings can be two types; the oil pores and the sweat pores. 

The oil pores contain sebaceous glands that produce natural oils to keep the skin moisturized and protected. You have these all over your body except on your palms and on the soles of your feet. Oil pores are the ones that appear large for they can get clogged with oil. 

The sweat pores, also found all over you body, are so tiny that they can’t be seen by the naked eye. Sweat pores help regulate body temperature by allowing sweat to reach the surface of the skin. 

With these processes in mind, imagine how having no pores can wreak havoc on your skin and your whole body. 

What Causes Pores To Appear Large?

What Causes Pores To Appear Large?

Clogging makes pores look larger. Also, you are bound to inherit the large pore size of your parents. Here are other factors that make these tiny breathing holes appear larger than they seem. 

Skin aging 

As collagen declines with age, the skin becomes less elastic and the pores more susceptible to widening. 

Sun damage

Ultraviolet rays from the sun breakdown collagen and elastin which makes your skin lose its firmness and enlarges pores.

Oil production

There are more oil pores on the center of your face than the rest of your body. Oil pores are generally larger and are therefore more prone to clogging and enlarging.  


Pores start to become more visible during hormonal changes in puberty as well as during menstrual cycles.


Men have more active sebaceous glands and larger oil pores than women. 

Tips On How To Minimize Pores 

Tips On How To Minimize Pores

You can’t make pores disappear, but you can make them appear less conspicuous. Apart from makeup products and tricks, below are some pore-minimizing measures you can take without exerting too much effort and spending money. 

  1. Cleanse your face the right way. Keep your pores clean. Do it twice a day, once in the morning and once before you go to sleep at night. Consider a non-comedogenic facial cleanser. 
  2. Exfoliate twice a week. Facial washing can sometimes leave behind stubborn dirt. Let exfoliation thoroughly rid your pores of excess oil, impurities, dirt, and debris. 
  3. Use sunscreen regularly. The sun can do all sorts of damage to your skin. Protect from the sun if you can’t hide from it. 
  4. Use facial sheet masks. It’s a great treat for your skin after cleansing. Let your clean pores soak up all the much-needed nutrients.  
  5. Do facial steaming. Steam opens the pores and prepares your skin for facial cleansing. Unclogging pores let them shrink back to their original size which is smaller. 
  6. Consider microneedling. This skin treatment method helps accelerate the skin’s healing capabilities by stimulating collagen production. It gives pores structure and firms the skin.  

Devices To Help You Minimize Your Pores

Devices To Help You Minimize Your Pores


Achieve a poreless complexion with the help of these premium Project E Beauty tools. 

The Luma Blue | Acne Light Therapy Pimple Cleansing Brush is a 2-in-1 LED facial cleansing brush suitable for acne-prone skin. Having active oil glands is one of the main causes of acne formation. Treating your skin with blue light helps you take control of oil production, regulating the sebaceous glands to produce less sebum. Less sebum, fewer skin problems. 

Take your skincare routine to the next level with this skin treatment device equipped with 540 titanium needles, Derma Roller | 540 Titanium Micro-Needle Facial RollerThis cosmetic needling instrument uses 0.25 mm needles which is the ideal length for enlarged pores and hyperpigmentation. Rolling this device gently over the skin creates thousands of minuscule contact points, encouraging a natural healing process to rejuvenate and repair the skin for a smoother, younger, healthy-looking appearance.


    written by Olivia Khader



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