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Article: What is Radio Frequency, and how does RF slimming work?

What is Radio Frequency, and how does RF slimming work?

What is Radio Frequency, and how does RF slimming work?


It is hard to believe that in a few months we will be entering 2022, and yet it seems as though the 90’s were only a few years ago. There’s no stopping the changes of ageing process, but what if we can slow it down? Here’s where the topic of Radio Frequency comes into play. Radio Frequency has been getting more and more use, however– do you really understand it?

Radio Frequency Body Slimming– what makes it so special?

Lately, Radio Frequency has become a go-to treatment to target skin issues like wrinkles and combat signs of age such as loose, sagging skin. Essentially what RF does, is emit heat that penetrates the skin and brings it up to the optimal temperature of 38-44 degree Celsius. In doing so, it enables the production of collagen and elastin fibres within the skin. If used regularly, you will be able to see visible changes within just a few weeks, with a dramatic improvement in tone, structure, and texture.

However, more so than helping skin issues brought about by the ageing process, RF also helps with body slimming. When used on larger areas of skin which might be disposed to the presence of fat, the RF can actually help in a physiological manner. It works by triggering and killing the fat cells under the skin, the process of which is called adipocyte apoptosis. When the cells are targeted, it results in a reduction of fat and cellulite, and it helps you achieve a smoother contoured figure.

There are many external benefits that can be seen as an effect of the RF body slimming. These include the visible lift of the skin, reduced wrinkles, tightens loose skin, and increased dermal elasticity. The RF skin tightening benefit provides great results for volume loss.

One advantage of using Radio Frequency to heat the skin tissue, compared to lasers (which use light waves that are of a higher frequency), is that RF’s low frequency technology can treat your skin at a much deeper level, thereby improving skin tone and structure, even lifting tissues. On the other hand, lasers work to improve the skin on the surface. Furthermore, RF can be an effective treatment for people with different skin tones safely and without causing any discoloration.

Over the last few decades, more and more sophisticated RF technologies have been created to help target various skin problems. To get into the science of it, a few of the main types of RF devices are the bipolar, multipolar, and fraction RF energies. When it comes to electricity, there are 2 poles– the plus and the minus. The location of these poles determines how far the radio frequency penetrates the skin. Each of these types penetrate the skin to varying depths, so make a choice of RF device based on the issue you are looking to target. For example, the multipolar devices, which have the plus and minus poles close together, are considered to be a great option for increasing comfort and safety for the patient, as well as requiring a much lesser amount of downtime, unlike monopolar devices.

It is important to keep in mind that the RF body slimming treatment is not a quick fix solution to your skin concerns. Whether at home, or even at a RF treatment clinic, signs of improvement are visible only after a number of sessions, as RF devices require a good period of time. It is recommended to have weekly treatments, or once every 3-4 days to achieve the best results.


Trying out 40k cavitation Radio Frequency body slimming at home


What is Radio Frequency, and how does RF slimming work?


The LED+ Radio Frequency Ultrasonic Slimming Therapy device is a multipolar wireless photon 40k cavitation machine. We covered the benefits of a multipolar device earlier, and the 10-minute therapy time of this device is an easy treatment that also provides clinical results. The device is equipped with an all-in-one solution, and not only does it employ RF technology, but it also uses red light to further stimulate the collagen production to achieve firmer skin.

Additionally, the 40k cavitation machine can be used on body to reduce puffiness, help lift and tighten the skin, and also slim down arms, waist, abdomen, hip, and legs.

The LED+ Radio Frequency Ultrasonic Slimming Therapy Device come with 3 levels of intensity, which you can choose amongst according to your needs. Due to the technology of the treatment, it is suggested that you select the low energy level as your start the treatment, and then later adjust to a higher energy level once your skin has adapted to the RF.


What is Radio Frequency, and how does RF slimming work?


Another device you can use for the same treatment is the Needle-Free Mesotherapy Device. It is designed for facial and skin beautification and uses natural light waves, transmitted by LEDs into the skin. With just a few easy steps, you can become the skincare expert. On clean skin, apply the ion gel slowly move the device across your skin on the desired areas.

The benefits of the Mesotherapy device are that it promotes blood circulation and enhances metabolism. Both these features of the RF treatment are very helpful in the body slimming process; through the RF technology, the device decomposes the cellulite to break down excess fat. Additionally, the device also helps with muscle relaxation, a perfect self-care activity to do at home.

The all-in-one solutions of these two products are a great way to enter the skincare world of radio frequency therapy and make the most of your youthful skin!



 written by Charlotte Rycroft




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